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Alezka computers was formed by James Wood a computer enthusiast in late 2014 during a time when aftermarket support for laptop upgrades was in high demand, but trust in the market was very low.
The intention was to convey to customers a feeling of trust and security when performing upgrades.
Alezka computers worked closely with EUROCOM to develop a strategy to eliminate many of the less than legitimate aftermarket dealers that were causing frustration, and uncertainty.
Support was developed and refined and a process to walk users from pre-purchase, to running the laptop with officially unsupported hardware ensued,
and Alezka computers became the reseller it is today thanks to the loyal customers who stood with us all this time. 
Its been rocky, definitely giving some food for thought to the saying the road less travelled, however one thing has always remained certain, the customer comes first.

Alezka attempts to put itself in the customers seat and always see things from their perspective and understand the fears and trepidation of undergoing after market upgrades,
or simply buying a new laptop and configuring it a la carte with the plethora of options available today, without breaking the bank. 
While we are just a small company, we do plan to grow and expand, and will be offering newer models as they become available, and supporting the older laptops as we can too.